I hope this site will provide
an ever-changing picture of
these wild and wonderful islands

Shetland is fiercely independent
and promotes its music, food,
history and traditions in a unique
way. The Viking history is still
vividly alive and distinctive
dialects and language reflect this.

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Shetland word of the Month


In this Covid time you have to limit your use of this to strictly one other of your own household. Preferably a partner or a Shetland pony if you have one to hand!
‘a kiss (presumably a smothering, passionate one.)’ e.g. “I hidna seen her for lang so I geed her a muckle (large) smooriken.”

Looking out over Mid Yell Voe, towards Hascosay and Fetlar

Latest blog posts

Driving History

Sometimes I take one of my clients for a drive. We pick North or South and go where the mood takes us. I have a lady who loves this and as she is 98 her memories travel back in to history. We passed quite a long ruined croft house on the East side headed for…

A different kind of Nursing

My RGN nursing days ended when I retired but the itch to do something useful persists. I have worked for Shetland Island Council for nearly a year in a role designed to provide support and respite for those caring for someone at home. It has been my privilege to be welcomed in to people’s homes…

The Finest Dawn

from ‘ Whispers on the Wind’ by John Strachan It was the kind of morning that brought the slightest of shivers on the wind yet made the old woman want to kick off her shoes and splash about like a child in the dappled sea. The sky blazed crimson above her head, tinting the white…

Wild flowers of Shetland

From April onwards the wild flowers start to appear on the landscape. Here are some of the Shetland names:

J&S Blog

Have a look at this blog site for Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool Brokers in Lerwick. Such glorious palates of colour linked to the landscape.

Sandwick beach, Unst

More about Shetland

Shetland Words – a dictionary of the Shetland Dialect, by A&A Christie-Johnston

Shetland Wool Week is a world renowned celebration of Britain’s most northerly native sheep, the Shetland textile industry and the rural farming community on these islands

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