Wild flowers of Shetland

From April onwards the wild flowers start to appear on the landscape.

Here are some of the Shetland names:

Kockaloorie  Daisy
KlongerDog rose, quite prolific here, pink or white and often scrambling on dry stone walls and forming wind breaks by fences
Curl-dodieA purple orchid of a very striking hue
Da trowie-gliveWhat a great name for a fox glove. Trows are a kind of troll or sort of elemental spirit of nature
Bog cottonSwathes of white cotton heads, used in the past for stuffing pillows (though you’d need a heck of a lot)
ArviChick weed (not really a flower but the hens love it)
Seggi-flooerYellow flag irises
Swathes of bog cotton

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