Tales of Shetland life

A different kind of Nursing

My RGN nursing days ended when I retired but the itch to do something useful persists. I have worked for Shetland Island Council for nearly a year in a role designed to provide support and respite for those caring for someone at home. It has been my privilege to be welcomed in to people’s homesContinue reading “A different kind of Nursing”

The Finest Dawn

from ‘ Whispers on the Wind’ by John Strachan It was the kind of morning that brought the slightest of shivers on the wind yet made the old woman want to kick off her shoes and splash about like a child in the dappled sea. The sky blazed crimson above her head, tinting the whiteContinue reading “The Finest Dawn”

Wild flowers of Shetland

From April onwards the wild flowers start to appear on the landscape.

Here are some of the Shetland names:

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