A different kind of Nursing

My RGN nursing days ended when I retired but the itch to do something useful persists. I have worked for Shetland Island Council for nearly a year in a role designed to provide support and respite for those caring for someone at home. It has been my privilege to be welcomed in to people’s homesContinue reading “A different kind of Nursing”

Our first Shetland Christmas Cake Bake

It is a tradition with me to have a Christmas Cake Bake day in November. Open to one and all to drop in at any time (an invitation bound to add to the chaos). As 2019 was our first year on Yell and we had only been here since February I felt a little anxiousContinue reading “Our first Shetland Christmas Cake Bake”

Past, Present or Possibility

This poem was written 25 years ago by John Strachan, a native of Yell, and harks back to 1893. It spans 3 centuries¬†and resonates with where we find ourselves today. As I travel about Shetland I hear more knowledge, sense and awareness of environmental changes by talking to the islanders than from listening to theContinue reading “Past, Present or Possibility”

“There’ll be a dog in the well”

This is a Shetland phrase that I really love and plan to use ‘mysteriously’ at any appropriate occasion! I was having a chat with an elderly gentleman who had spent his crofting lifetime on the island of Fetlar. We can see this from our house, looking down the Voe (inlet of the sea) to theContinue reading ““There’ll be a dog in the well””