John and I are ‘Soothmoothers’ – incomers who arrive on Shetland by the Southern mouth of Lerwick harbour. I’ve written about this in my latest book ‘Moorit and other sheepish tales’.

Moorit by Lindsay Dowding and Alexi Bjornson,
published October 2020

It’s my first book written in Shetland and is a collaboration with ALEXI BJORNSON, a native Shetlander and talented photographer.  Born on the North of Yell at Cullivoe, Alexi adds another perspective through his time working with sheep and wool in Tasmania.  He now lives back on South Yell with his wife, a talented knitter and craftswoman with a great sense of humour.

Moorit reflects my love of the landscape, traditions, history and people of this life enhancing place.

Moorit is priced at £13.50 with half of the proceeds to Clan Cancer Support.

Apart from their other methods of support, Clan have a lovely, well appointed house in Aberdeen, ‘The Haven’. Comfortable and offering excellent facilities at a budget price for relatives/ carers of people needing to stay in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for more complex processes than can be coped with in the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick on Shetland.  This is a much used and appreciated service for the islanders of Shetland and Orkney.

Contact me to buy the book or call into The Shetland Times bookshop in Lerwick.

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